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Stock-taking and engagement with Mr. Chin An Tan from SGS Company on Progressive Wage Model (PWM) and Profit-Sharing Model
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The Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA) was delighted to be given a chance to engaged in a fruitful discussion with Mr. Chin An Tan, Human Resource Director of the SGS company.

SGS Company, a multinational with 98,000 employees and 2,650 offices worldwide, has been operating in Malaysia since 1971. They offer various services to different industries. In Malaysia, their network of offices and labs, supported by skilled professionals, spans Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak. They also operate through Petrotechnical Inspection (M) Sdn Bhd, serving the petroleum sector since 1981.

Mr. Chin An Tan emphasized the importance of the labor market in efficiently implementing the Progressive Wage Model. He advocated for wider ESG adoption to ensure fair wage distribution and transparency in Malaysia. Moreover, SGS has practice an increment wage for their employee based on their level of certificate and recently developed a program called Accelerated Career Program. This program urges employees to enhance their skills for higher certificates and wages. They also provide incentives based on employees performance, and profit-sharing is given for the managers level only.